Thursday, November 8, 2007

Apparently I am a Millennial

I am one of the first Millennials. I'm not quite sure I know what that means. According to what I've read, it means that I kick ass... right? Well, I already knew that! What I'm not so sure about is that it means other people between the ages of 8 and 27 also kick ass. I guess though, if I was to pin my hopes for the future on anyone, I would choose us over the Generation Xers and baby boomers any day of the week, and not just because I'm one of us and (as I just pointed out) I kick ass.

We are also called generation Y. I don't like this name, if only because it ties us to Generation X (also a name I don't like). Really though, I don't like it because I can see the "generation why?" or "generation y?" headlines written by people who think they're ever so clever. Really, though, I just don't like classifying people by birth years. It reminds me way too much of the Chinese Zodiac... where I'm a monkey by the way (which also means that I kick ass!).

I actually rally against some of the things that I'm told are characteristic of my generation. For instance, I do not believe selfishness is a problem. I think it's the only viable solution. I'm also not group oriented. Let me do my job, and you do yours... and let me tell you how to do yours better... and let me get upset whenever you don't do it that way and it fails miserably. Anyway, I wouldn't say all Generation Xers are the same, and not all Baby Boomers refuse to age gracefully. (I still do, however, blame Baby Boomers for almost all social problems present today. What a bunch of whiny babies!!!)

Speaking of babies, my son (Winston Grey Smith) is just over 2and 1/2 months old today, which is why the blogging has died down considerably. There are more planned, so don't worry. In fact, if my lack of blogging caused you any worry at all, you should probably check with someone about how your life is going. Soon I will cover such topics as "noise" "the evils of president hugo chavez" and "despite my current status as a member, why I don't like the ALA."

Sorry this one wasn't very library-ish, but the new one's will tie in, I promise.