Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Best Mutt


I just have to brag that my dog Rufus (not the scottie) won the "Best Mutt" blue ribbon at Fido Fest 2008 in North Richland Hills. It having been on a Saturday, I realize he could not have won if I was still at the good ol' FWPL (where EVERYONE has to work saturdays... well, everyone that isn't at the big, important locations).

Anyway, there is just one location now, and it's still great. I'm pretty sure they're still looking for another librarian, also. Anyway, I was thinking about how organization impacts every aspect of our lives. Actually, it's more about how data, and how we organize it, leads to success and failure.
Think about it. Your bank account, your bills, your letters, your inbox, your shopping list. It's all about how you gather and organize data that can lift you up or hold you down. Data rules the world. I'm not sure exactly how data helped my dog win the Best Mutt award, but I just type it as I think it.