Friday, November 30, 2007

As promised: The idiotic and Dangerous Nature of Hugo Chavez

"Chavez has told public sector employees that their six-hour daily average means they will leave early on Fridays after working normal hours the rest of the week.
He says the move will create 150,000 jobs, and compares his proposal with the current eight-hour workday. 'Those two hours mean getting home earlier, getting to see our children ... and that our children can sleep with the hope that a true fatherland is being built.'"

I thought about just ending the post here... but I figured more explanation was needed.

First, the math: If they are set to work an average of 6 hours a day, but work their regular 8 hours four days a week, doesn't this mean that they are already working 32 hours? And if so, in't that already more than an average of 5 workdays of 6 hours each? So, shouldn't they just take off Friday instead of going home early and earnng comp time? Right? Or am I missing something here? Do you think he just meant that fridays would be a 6 hour day and the workweek would go from 40 hours to 38? But I guess anyone stupid enough to vote to remove term limitations from the constitution will swallow anything!

History will repeat itself, only two countries removed to the north. Juan Peron tried all this twaddle in Arentina. Yes, Peron as in Eva Peron... as is "Don't cry for me Argentina!" Peron. But, also as in "the reason that the economy of Argentina went into the tanks both after both times he was elected into power" Peron's first term quickly became a dictatorship, ending in violence and exile. I'm afraid this is going to be the only way to restore justice to the people of Venezuela... and by justice I mean simply that a man gets what he works for and political affiliation does not earn him more rice and beans.