Monday, April 14, 2008

Brain Fuzz!

My brain has been in a fuzz for the past few days. I think it's the changing weather and the changing jobs. These last few weeks have been pretty hectic for me; I feel like I've been running everywhere for no reason whatsoever.

Part of this I blame on American Airlines. They cancled my return flight from Houston. That I wasn't too upset about. Cancellations happen, as everyone now knows. What really peaved me was the quality of the hotel they put me in, the $10 dinner voucher they provided, and their complaint department.
First, the hotel room was nasty. Plain and simple. It wasn't even at the airport, so I had to wake up early to catch a shuttle the next morning. Second, there were no places to eat within safe walking distance from the hotel, so I had to order food in. The only places that accepted the AA voucher had a minimum order of $12 to deliver! Third, I could check in 24 hours in advance via the internet, but they couldn't shoot me an e-mail that they'd canceled my flight?! At least then I could have kept the rental car for another day and not been stranded!

Ok, so I'm leaving the public library life behind on Thursday. I will now be a business librarian and researcher. It will be nice. I'm a little scared, but in a good way. I just hope I can get my brain shaved clean of fuzz before that happens!


The Coffey Grounds said...

May I ask what a "business librarian" does? I didn't realize there were private sector positions like this.

Josh said...

In my company and industry the "librarian" is in charge of keeping all technical specifications, engineering studies, presentations, peer-reviewed papers, all other industry standards, etc. up to date and accessible to everyone in the company who needs it and to deliver it within a reasonable time frame when requested.