Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why?... NO, What, then HOW?

Alison Circle
Yesterday, Alison Circle had a great little post on her blog- Bubble Room- over at the Library Journal website. The entry I'm speaking of was To Freeze or To Flash — or Not?

I have blogged my comment to her blog below. It's always nice to know someone else at least has the same ideas that I do... sometimes anyway.

EXACTLY! This falls into the same cart as Second Life library branches and a A totally different type of Flash mob.
massive amount of library programming and marketing. Why should be the first question asked every time. Actually, what should be asked, and then how do we get there.

Unfortunately, a lot of librarians seem to work backward. They get an idea they think is "neat" or "cool" or (god forbid) "hip", and then do it without anyone asking why. This is bad business. It is this type of thinking that is bad for libraries. Instead of showing how "with it" libraries are, they only showcase how out of touch libraries are.

So, until things change, we should always ask WHY when presented with such plans. Then, we should start asking ourselves what it is we want to do and how we can start doing it effectively.

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