Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Day, Another Problem Solved

Hey! Yeah, you! Yeah, you schools that are running Sorry, couldn't help it.
out of money, listen up. First, what have you been thinking? Well, whatever it is, it isn't working. Technology and dollars are not the answer. Give me your ear and I can solve your whole tangled mess, but I won't do it now. No, now I will solve one small part of it. Ready? Strap your helmets on, because you're mind might explode without extra external support!

Here we go... are you ready? Get rid of any and all school libraries that are within a walking distance to a public library branch. That's it. Problem solved. That budget is already looking better isn't it? Well, it's not writing it all off See, it's not that hard!
the books. What you need to do is PAY THE PUBLIC LIBRARY 25% of what you are saving. That way they can support the extra use and maybe even a staff member too. Do your teachers need to take a class to the library to research an assignment? Walk them there.

Now, here's the hard part, get your teachers working with the public librarians. Let them know what projects will be done, what subjects there will be a need for. Schedule trips. Trust me, the librarians will be more than glad to help you. They're seeing these kids right after school anyway, so most of them won't be strangers. Also, public libraries will EAT THE NUMBERS UP! It's called synergy. Let's make it happen.

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